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Webinar Corner


Scientific and technical webinars are provided by our brands regularly. Find below an overview of the recordings of these webinars. Are you looking for another topic? Just let us know and we'll check what is available and what we can do for you! This page will be updated when new recordings are available!


Challenges and Solutions of nucleic acid isolation from clinical samples
Date: February 10, 2021. Presented by MACHEREY NAGEL.
Interested to learn more about challenges and solutions of nucleic acid isolation from #clinical samples such as blood, stool, body fluids or FFPE samples?



Viral RNA Isolation for COVID-19 testing
Date January 28, 2021. Presented by MACHEREY NAGEL
Reliable clinical sample analysis plays an essential role in human healthcare or disease control and strongly depends on products of high performance and quality. The challenges of the current COVID-19 pandemic show a crucial need for reliable, high throughput testing to control and trace the infection events. In this webinar you will learn how MACHEREY-NAGEL Kits for viral RNA isolation will help you to ensure highly sensitive and reliable pathogen detection.

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RT-qPCR and Colorimetric LAMP Approaches to SARS-CoV-2 Viral Detection
Date: 6 Aug 2020. Presented by New England Biolabs.
Advance SARS-CoV-2 viral detection through discussion of preprints and other publicly available information. NEB will also introduce the new RUO kit for rapid detection of SARS-CoV-2 via colorimetric LAMP



Fully Automated Targeted SNP Genotyping for Plant and Animal Applications
Date: 25 June 2020. Presented by Beckman Coulter, EMBL and New England Biolabs.
Learn about the development and verification of the automated NEBNext Direct Genotyping Solution on the Beckman Coulter i7 workstation.

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Optimizing Your Cell Line Development Workflows
Date: 16 June 2020. Presented by Namocell and Mike Brem (Cytovance Biologics)
We will discuss and compare several single cell isolation techniques including manual limiting dilution, flow cytometry and Namocell's unique single cell dispenser.

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Fast and Gentle Single Cell Isolation on Your Benchtop
Date: 9 Jun 2020. Presented by Namocell
This webinar will be an overview presentation and introduction to the Namocell instruments.

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Video Library from Cell Signaling Technology
In the CST video library at the CST website, you can watch how-to videos from the Tech Tips series to improve your technique, research webinars presented by scientists from CST and other institutions, and videos relevant for specific applications or disease research areas.

Watch CST webinars


NEB TV webinar series
Learn more about what’s trending in science through the NEB TV webinar series at the NEB website! Hear from NEB scientists as they discuss of a wide range of molecular biology topics and techniques, such as the latest cloning and DNA assembly, PCR and qPCR, sample preparation for next generation sequencing, and much more.

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Searching for another topic? Just let us know!

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