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Do we distribute in your country?


BIOKÉ distributes products from various suppliers to different countries. Not all products from all suppliers are available in every country. To find out which products BIOKÉ distributes in your country, please select your country.

Country Suppliers
Austria BFD,SG,QS
Cyprus BFD,SG
Denmark SG,BFD,BSG
Estonia SG,BFD
Finland SG,BFD,BSG
France BFD,SG
Germany SG,SQ,BFD,QS
Lithuania BFD,SG
Poland BFD,SG
Portugal SG
Serbia BFD,SG
Spain SG
Switzerland BFD,SG,QS
Afkorting Omschrijving Productpagina
CST Cell Signaling Technology /webshop/supplier/Cell%20Signaling%20Technology
NEB New England Biolabs /webshop/supplier/New%20England%20Biolabs
MN Macherey-Nagel /webshop/supplier/MACHEREY-NAGEL
FD Fluidigm /webshop/supplier/Fluidigm
BFD BioFire Defense /webshop/supplier/BioFire%20Defense
SG SoftGenetics /webshop/supplier/SoftGenetics
4TI Azenta /webshop/supplier/Azenta
SQ SensoQuest /webshop/supplier/sensoquest
RD RainDance /webshop/supplier/Raindance%20Technologies
TR Trinean /webshop/supplier/trinean
ACD Advanced Cell Diagnostics /webshop/supplier/Advanced%20Cell%20Diagnostics
SY Syntec International /webshop/supplier/Syntec%20International
ABC abc biopply /webshop/supplier/abc%20biopply
CY Cytiva /webshop/supplier/Cytiva
NM Namocell /webshop/supplier/Namocell
QS Qsonica /webshop/supplier/Qsonica
OLS OMNI Life Science /webshop/supplier/omni_life_sciences
MBI Mission Bio /webshop/supplier/mission_bio
APC Applied Cells /webshop/supplier/applied_cells
SSB Slingshot Biosciences /webshop/supplier/slingshot_biosciences
BY Byonoy /webshop/supplier/byonoy
TB TelesisBio /webshop/supplier/telesisbio
SCB Scale Bio /webshop/supplier/scale%20biosciences
ATR Atrandi Biosciences /webshop/supplier/atrandi_biosciences
MBG Magbio Genomics /webshop/supplier/magbio_genomics
BSG BioSkryb Genomics /webshop/supplier/bioskryb_genomics
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