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Brooks Automation Expands Sample Management Consumables Range Through the Acquisition of 4titude, Ltd.

Brooks Life Sciences continues to grow its leadership position for integrated biological sample management solutions through strategic acquisitions and related scientific services

CHELMSFORD, Mass., October 5th, 2017 – Brooks Automation, Inc. announced today that it has acquired 4titude, Ltd., a privately-held manufacturer of scientific consumables for biological sample materials used in a variety of genomic and DNA analytical applications. Based in Surrey, England and over 12 years of operations and approximately 85 employees, 4titude is widely recognized for its innovative range of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) plates, seals and related bench-top instrumentation. 4titude has delivered consistent growth over the last 5 years with sales and distribution globally to 1200 customers in 50 different countries.

The company has extensive experience in the design and development of key molecular analysis techniques - PCR, and qPCR providing an ISO-9001 and ISO-13485 manufacturing environment critical for its end customer applications. PCR, or more recently qPCR, is a process sometimes referred to as molecular photocopying which is used in a wide range of applications such as gene analysis, DNA fingerprinting and a growing number of diagnostic tests. The integration of sample storage consumables for biobanking applications has synergies beyond the obvious advantages of maximizing space in mechanical storage units, optimally protecting sample from the outside environment and facilitating automaton friendly sample management. The potential for complete integration into the analytical paths for qPCR, dPCR, microarray and NGS create a complete sample chain of custody throughout the sample preparation and analytical process that is unparalleled.

“With the acquisition of 4titude and its professional team, we will be able to extend our existing biological sample management solutions and complete the sample chain of custody throughout sample preparation, analytical processes, genomic analysis, scientific services and related storage solutions”, said Dusty Tenney, president of Brooks Life Sciences. “The addition of 4titude provides synergistic scientific consumables that further our commitment to biological sample quality and integrity while unlocking sample intelligence and advancing scientific research and clinical therapies.” “We are excited to become a part of Brooks Life Sciences,” said 4titude co-founders, Peter Collins and Thomas Lernbecher, “their commitment to innovation and customer solutions focused on comprehensive biological sample management aligns with the focus we have had over the last 12 years.”

Brooks Life Science Systems offers a broad portfolio of comprehensive sample management solutions including innovative consumables and instruments, sample cryopreservation products, genomic bioprocessing and cell-based lab services, automated storage products, biorepository storage services, sample transport and relocation services and integrated informatics technology solutions. 

About Brooks Life Science Systems

Brooks Life Science Systems, a division of Brooks Automation, is the leading worldwide provider of innovative and comprehensive sample lifecycle management solutions for the bioscience industry. These solutions include our automated storage systems, sample consumables and instruments, cell cryopreservation storage products, onsite and offsite temperature-controlled storage models, global sample preparation and analytical lab services and innovative informatics systems and technology services. Our team of sample management experts, deliver high quality, flexible sample management products, services and technology solutions that support hundreds of bioscience customers around the world, including the top 20 biopharmaceutical companies. Our industry-leading sample management solutions enable our customers to unlock sample intelligence and advance scientific research in order to deliver healthier and brighter tomorrows to individuals around the world.

About 4titude, Ltd.

4titude Ltd was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Wotton, England. 4titude specializes in the design, manufacture and distribution of scientific PCR sequencing tubes, plates and seals used in key molecular analysis techniques including PCR, qPCR, genotyping and gene expression. The 4titude FrameStar® range of two-component PCR plates is now the most comprehensive of 2- component (polycarbonate frame) consumables in the life sciences market. Further, 4titude has a complimentary range of instruments and consumables for automated heat sealing that are compliant with SiLA standards for rapid integration of automated systems. 4titude innovation and application knowledge provides a continuous stream of new products for biological scientific consumables targeting precision medicine applications across multiple end markets.

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